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Pain Management and Anxious Patients


If you have a fear of dentists or of dental treatment there are still options available for you. Your dentist can discuss your concerns with you and offer a variety of advice or medication that will enable dental treatment to be carried out whilst you are relaxed, making your visit much more pleasant. 

What options are available?


The best place to start is just to come in and have a talk with your dentist about your specific concerns. Dr Sobol and Dr Kapil have many years of experience in helping patients who have concerns or fears about dental treatments. As you can probably imagine it is extremely common that patints have these concerns. The good news is that in reality, the dental treatment is almost always far less painful or scary than you might imagine. 


Commonly used local anaesthetics are used in most cases where a treatment has the potential to cause pain. These are extremely effective and will in most cases mean that you don't feel anything unpleasant at all.


Local anaesthetics work by blocking nerve impulses to the site where the dental procedure is being performed. An anaesthetic gel or spray which has a numbing effect may be applied before the local aesthetic injection is administered. Under local aesthesia you are fully conscious although you do not feel any of the effects of the treatment.

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