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Teeth Whitening

If you have been hiding your smile because you have yellowish stains on your teeth, you are not alone. Studies have long established a strong correlation between a person’s lack of confidence – often exhibited by a half-hearted smile – and their stained teeth. It’s hardly surprising too that teeth whitening treatments appeal to almost every demographical group – anyone from young urban professionals to retired baby boomers have had them done. After all, who doesn’t want their teeth to look bright and dazzling?


Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you always wanted a smile fit for the red carpet? Come and see us, you will be surprised how accessible a Hollywood smile is!


Services on offer include our hugely popular tooth whitening system, to veneers, crowns bridges and more. Most procedures are completely painless and you will be amazed how affordable it is to make a dazzling difference to your smile.


White Fillings

White fillings, or composite resin fillings, are a great way for people to hide the fact that they ever had a cavity in the first place. Made from a combination of glass and plastic tooth-coloured materials, they are designed for aesthetic dental restorations while also serving to restore natural tooth function and maintain oral hygiene.



Dentures are a removable appliance used to replace missing teeth, They are fabricated using either acrylic or cobalt chrome to which false teeth are added. They help with speech, chewing, add support to your lips and chin as well as improving the appearance of your smile.


Endontics (Root Canal)

Endodontic treatment, commonly referred to as root canal therapy, is needed most when a major infection invades a tooth’s pulp chamber. If left untreated, infection will destroy the nerves and the tooth will eventually die off. To save the tooth, our experienced dentists remove the infected pulp located within the inside centre of the tooth, which is made up of specialised dental cells, nerves and blood vessels. The tooth is then cleaned and sealed with a filling or crown to further protect against infection.

Oral Hygiene

Practicing good oral hygiene is the foundation of preventative dentistry. It protects against excessive plaque build up, bacteria, cavities, infection and bad breath. It also mirrors the health of your overall body.


Our dentists have a strong focus on education and are committed to the health and longevity of your teeth. We encourage you to pay close attention to your oral hygiene and practice excellent maintenance habits to prevent future complications and address any existing damage. 

Pain Management & Anxious Patients

If you have a fear of dentists or of dental treatment there are still options available for you. Your dentist can discuss your concerns with you and offer a variety of advice or medication that will enable dental treatment to be carried out whilst you are relaxed, making your visit much more pleasant. 

Children and families

Oral hygiene is important in early years, to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Regular Dental check-ups help your dentist to help you prevent and treat decay before it causes cavities and toothache. Children should start to visit the dental practice as young as possible, so bring them along with you to your check-ups.  They may be too young for an examination but the visits helps to familiarise them with the surroundings, the smells, noise and most important they meet the dentist.


If you have lost one or more permanent teeth to an injury or periodontal disease, there are several teeth replacement options that you can consider. In the past, the choices were more limited – basically, you could either go with a denture or bridge.


Thanks to vast improvements in dental technology and sciences, dental implants have emerged as one of the most advanced and innovative solutions for treating tooth loss. 


Dental injuries can be painful and disfiguring, not just physically, but also financially. The good news is a custom-made mouthguard fitted by your dentist provides superior protection for those who participate in high contact sports, leisure and recreational activities. It effectively reduces the impact of blows to the face that would otherwise cause oral injury.


Wisdom Teeth

If there is enough room in the mouth the wisdom teeth will come through in a useful position and there will only be minor discomfort as they erupt. However, wisdom teeth can cause problems if there is not enough room in the mouth, as the wisdom tooth erupts at an angle and gets stuck against the tooth in front. This can result in the tooth needing to be removed.


Please call Kembla Street Dental immediately so that we can arrange an appointment as quickly and conveniently as possible for you.


Click on the full details button for advice on certain individual circumstances such as broken or lost teeth.


Dental Extraction is a removal of a tooth from the mouth. It is performed for a wide variety of reasons. Your dentist will examine your tooth and explain the reasons why your tooth needs to be extracted, an x-ray will be taken to help plan the best way to remove the tooth.

Preventative Dentistry

We all know that prevention is better than cure; and your teeth are no exception!  Here at Kembla Street Dental we endeavour to educate all of our patients about the benefits of a proactive oral hygiene regime

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